InControl Home Automation (InControl Console)

Lighting Control Control from Android & iOS devices
Sonos Sound Integration Device Mirroring
Scheduling & Rules and Events Thermostat Control
Light Level Presets   Floor Layout
Activate lights using your TV Remote    
Remote garage door control Integrated scripting language for advanced control


InControl Console is an application that runs on your pc. It allows you to use our iPhone & Android application to control your zwave devices from anywhere you have internet access on your phone.

In order to use the app on your phone, you must first download and install the PC companion software. The PC software is required in order for the phone application to work. You must also have a ControlThink USB ThinkStick or other supported USB stick to interface with your zwave devices. 

InControl Android App


Download the APK directly or search for "InControl" on the Android Market Place:


InControl Apple App

Search for "InControl" on the Apple AppStore. InControl allows you to see and control your lights from your phone. You can also set timers on all your devices from the phone. This works great as a temporary night-light for your kids, or for turning off your Christmas lights automatically.